Casablanca 59510 Panama DC Ceiling Fan Review

Casablanca 59512 Panama DC 54-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

In general, Casablanca motors move more cubic feet of air per minute than a majority of all ceiling fans on the market. This is because Casablanca has always been dedicated to coming up with revolutionary ways to conserve energy without impeding the overall quality of their fans. The Panama DC is no different in that regard, with the only mention that it owes some of its economical nature to its lightweight build.

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When it comes to ceiling fans motors quality, Casablanca should be everyone’s first choice. It’s motors move more cubic feet of air per minute, while using significantly less energy. Enjoy outstanding air movement and noted Casablanca durability in a beautiful.

Do not let its design fool you, however, the Panama DC has a potency of 6,416 CFM when running at full capacity, which is quite a lot. This high-functioning fan has a 54-inch blade span designed to cool down large rooms.

You also have to resist the temptation to use it outdoors because despite its size and relatively strong motor, this particular ceiling fan is designed for indoor use only.

Speaking of design, this stylish ceiling fan features a designer snow white finish with snow white blades, making it perfect for brightly-lit rooms. These blades are also lightweight, which is just one of the reasons why the Panama DC uses so little energy.

Due to its energy-conserving nature, the Panama DC from Casablanca operates within normal parameters using just 32.4 watts at all times.

Functionality: Casablanca’s Panama DC is controlled through a remote control with 6 speeds that features reversing and full-range light dimming. Able to provide an air flow capacity of 6,416 CFM using just a little over 32 watts, this ceiling fan has an EU Energy Efficiency Label of 206. We should also point out that Panama DC features a fairly large blade span that is powered by quite a strong DC motor.

Durability: Every Casablanca ceiling fan comes with a 120-day in-home service guarantee, a one-year parts & electronics warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the motor. If, for whatever reason, your newly-purchased doesn’t perform as well as it should, you have 4 months to contact Casablanca with the issue. Soon after, they will dispatch a trained professional to service it as part of their in-home service guarantee free of charge.

Features: The Panama DC is an Energy Star qualified ceiling fan, meaning that it uses almost half the energy that most of the fans in its class do. It also has a DC high-end motor that handles large rooms with efficiency, while its reversible six-speed fan control allows you to use it to either cool down the room during the summer, or to heat up the room during the winter by pushing hot air downward throughout the room.

Overall: All things considered, you aren’t likely to find another ceiling fan this size that is affordable and energy-conserving at the same time. Its full-range dimming features, combined with the optional light kit it comes equipped with also add to its overall value, while its 3-inch down rod ensure that you won’t have any difficulties installing the fan to begin with. All in all, the Panama DC from Casablanca is an affordable, energy-conserving, high-quality ceiling fan that you would do well to consider if you’re looking for a medium-to-large ceiling fan for your home.


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